3 Proofs That People Are Really to Eager to Pass 2020 and Welcome New Year 2021
Yes, People are ready to Stick to the The Year that tried to break everyone. Year 2020 has pummeled people of all ages and walks of life.

We’ve reached and passed our breaking point more times than we can count. 2020 has been challenging and traumatic for almost everyone - COVID. Quarantine. Industry shut-downs. Remote schooling. Racism. Politics. Loved ones alone in hospitals. Fires. Domestic abuse. Sudden deaths of loved ones. and list goes on...

Upcoming New year 2021, giving people vibes of new beginnings , new thoughts, new hopes. People are really ready and eager to say good bye to 2020, so here are some proofs that proves our point.

1. FU 2020

FU 2020

Lots of FU 2020 Merchandise is being promoted, sold and bought by many people. T-shirts, Hoodies, Caps,Masks, Hats,Cups and many more items are all over internet to profit from this trend against 2020

2. WWE Superstars Literally Beating Up 2020

WWE Superstars  Literally Beating Up 2020

WWE tweeted a special video featuring various WWE Superstars beating up a literal manifestation of the year 2020. A CGI monster in the shape of 2020 appeared and got slammed by many popular names. Finally, another CGI creature in the shape of 2021 appears and promptly destroys 2020 by hurdling it into the air and power bombing it onto the mat.

Source - https://twitter.com/WWE/status/1338629194624815105

3. Blowing Up 2020 Sign to Celebrate the New Year 2021 - (Las Vegas Event)

Blowing Up 2020 Sign to Celebrate the New Year 2021 - (Las Vegas Event)

Las Vegas officials announced to blow up 2020 sign to celebrate the New Year. They will celebrate the riddance of 2020 by imploding a sign with the year via live stream before welcoming 2021. They Said that When the countdown clock strikes zero,  2020 will be "literally blown away" by blowing it up before ushering in 2021 with confetti, streamers and fireworks. 

Source -Fox News Vegas


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