5 Worst Reproductive Health Acts In USA Till 2019
Reproductive Rights in USA, are fairly liberal while comparing it to rest of the world, but in recent few years, legislators started challenging them. Trump - Pence Administration's anti-women's health agenda, initiated a row of introducing ban on at least one type of abortion in many US states. Some of these states have multiple bans and new reproductive health acts. Here are 10 Worst of those acts and bans -

1. Mississippi - Extreme Abortion Ban

Mississippi - Extreme Abortion Ban Capital: Jackson

One of the most restrictive limitations on abortion in the USA, a bill has been passed by Mississippi's Legislature which is banning abortion after 15 weeks of gestation. Only one health center provides this kind of abortion.

In 2014 a Poll, done by Gallup, showed that only 21% of Americans want that abortion should be declared illegal for all all circumstances


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