Top 10 Easy Weight loss Tips That Are Proven
Internet is full with lots of focused diet plans and routines for quick or steady weight loss. But there are a few basic simple tips that you can adopt in your lifestyle to curb fat effectively and curb it from its root. Here are top 10 easy weight loss tips that are proven by science and these tips works with every one regardless of age and body type.

1. Drink Water - Easpecially Before Every Meal

Drink Water - Easpecially Before Every Meal

Drinking water for weight loss isn’t just a myth.  Drinking water actually helps boosting metabolism 24-30% over a period of 1–1.5 hours, which results in burning few more calories.

US National Institute of Health Study showed that Drinking water before every meal helps you intake less calories per meal which ultimately makes you loose weight on its own.

Stats shown in study claims that drinking 0.5 ltr (~17 ounce) of water before meal helps you loose 44% more weight than people who are not drinking any water before meals.

2. Eat Some Dark Chocolate

Eat Some Dark Chocolate

Every Sweet thing is not against your weight loss plan/diet. Dark chocolate is one of the best sweet thing you can eat while fighting against your fat. This does not mean that Dark Chocolate is going to do some quick magic of making you lose few pounds overnight. It actually provides you way to fulfill your craving for sweet treats.

Including some other good health benefits, dark chocolate helps to keep your heart healthy and even boosts your mood.


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