Top 10 Exercises to Kill Chronic Pain - Knee,Foot or Hip Pain
Acute pain lasts temporarily but chronic pain is persistent and the pain signals continue for weeks, months or even years.

Chronic Pain is becoming an enormous problem globally. Estimates suggest that 10% are newly diagnosed with chronic pain each year. This includes lower back, back, head, knee,foot and hip pain mostly. Chronic pain gets worse when there is no daily exercise.

Simple workouts at home, can make you avoid all those expensive treatments to resolve your pain. Knee Pain is second most common pain in the world after lower back pain. Once you add in the feet and hips, it turns out that the legs can cause big problems for a lot of people.

Here are some simple home workouts that can help you to demolish your Knee,Foot or Hip pain -

1. Calf Raise (Heel Raise)

Calf Raise (Heel Raise)

2. Seated Leg Raise

Seated Leg Raise

3. Ankle circles

Ankle circles

4. Rolling foot massage

Rolling foot massage


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