Top 10 Health Benefits of Sex
Satisfying your food appetite is important but satisfying your sexual appetite is equally important and beneficial for your health. Good eating habits and exercising regularly are always "top of our mind" ways to go for sound health. One other natural way, to keep your self healthy and free minded, is Sex - Its Fun, Free and of course pleasurable. Here are top 10 health benefits of Sex -

1. Sex makes you glow

Sex makes you glow

Glowing Face, Shining hairs and Firm skin is result of increased level of estrogen in women and Increasing muscle mass and bone density resulted by increased testosterone. Both women and men get increased femininity and masculinity respectively just by doing this natural happy thing

2. Reduced heart attack risk

Reduced heart attack risk

Frequent sexual intercourse is associated with reduced heart attack risk. Lower homocysteine levels helps keep heart healthy. There does appear to be a relationship between high levels of homocysteine and artery damage. That can lead to atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries ) and blood clots .


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