Top 5 Effects of Smoking on Your Looks
The simple task of lighting up every other hour harms more than your lungs. If you regularly smoke then you know it’s time you dropped the habit as it damages your lungs, heart, brain and even affects your sex life. However, let’s face it; you would have kicked this habit if the smoking effects were a little more visible, so read more just to see how a single puff of your favorite cigarette wrecks your look.

Here are top 5 effects of smoking on your looks -

1. The Bags Under Your Eyes

The Bags Under Your Eyes

Waking up every morning and finding bags under your eyes can be very frustrating as it shows you did not get a good night sleep, if you smoke it is four times likely for it to appear than nonsmokers. The reason is smokers often report a feeling of unrest after a night’s sleep, because you are going through nightly nicotine withdrawal, which causes you to toss and turn relentlessly. As a result, poor sleep does not equal pretty.


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