Top 6 Anti Aging Tips
Here are Top 6 Anti Aging Tips

The Fountain of Youth is one of mankind’s greatest journeys, from the legendary spring sought by Spanish explorer Ponce de Leon, to the modern obsession our society has with cosmetic surgery. Why, just open your wallet, pay for the surgery, and you can look forever young and beautiful—you know, like Joan Rivers. Err… I think we need more realistic anti aging tips.

Stay “Alive”

Stay “Alive”

You know what happens when you sit in a room, stay still and quietly age?  Your body speeds up the aging process.  Your body is your slave and whatever energy you feed it, will dominate your existence.  This is why middle aged individuals make every attempt to stay active in life, doing the things they love, especially after retirement.  Brain stimulation on a consistent basis will lead to a sharper mind, a better memory, and yes, even a better equipped body.  We as humans being love thinking, especially after a lifetime of learning, because when the brain is sufficiently challenged, our neurological pathways open.  If you tell your body that it’s not time to slow down yet, it will literally take years for your body to catch up to your real age. This is one of the key anti aging tips and should not be overlooked. Many people give up taking care of themselves as they get older and they shouldn’t.


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