64 Yr Old Chinese farmer taught himself law to defend his village from big corporation, which took his 16 years
This is the story of a Chinese farmer, Wang Enlin, who drop out of school when he was 10 year old. He became unlikely Eco-warrior with his determination to fight against big chemical corporation which was responsible to destroy his farmland and village.

Wang Enlin - Chinse Farmer ( AKA Earth Lawyer)

Wang Enlin - Chinse Farmer ( AKA Earth Lawyer)

When he tried to report the pollution, he discovered that he would have to produce evidence against the company and start a lawsuit. With the help of a law firm, Wang and his neighbors sued the corporation in 2007. The case of the contaminated cultivated land of the Qihua Group, which had not been filed for 8 years, was finally filed on January 15, 2015

After years spent in bookstores, studying legal volumes that he could not afford to buy, he succeeded in his business, overcoming even the seemingly insurmountable obstacle of legal terms, which require a mastery of the Chinese language.

He taught the law himself, and he became a "earth lawyer", helping dozens of rights defenders such as land acquisition compensation for villagers who did not understand the law, and winning the "lawyers invited from the city."

From being a legal aid recipient to a legal aider, Wang Enlin became a well-known “earth lawyer” in the local area, helping the villagers who did not understand the law to defend their rights

Thousands of acres of land in the village were industrially polluted, resulting in years of reduced production or even no grain. Villagers who lost money because they did not understand the law came to Wang Enlin for help. A farmer wants to win a central enterprise with a large local taxpayer? In the eyes of the villagers, this is simply a fantasy. But Wang Enlin did it. . The villagers won the case in the first trial. The Qihua Group was awarded a total of 55 households whose economic losses were compensated  about 820,000 yuan (124,705 USD).


Wang Enlin in the WeChat avatar is in his twenties. The young man in this black-and-white photo of the remake has dark black eyebrows, high cheekbones, and the appearance of a typical Shandong man.

Today, he is the “most moneyless” activist in the village.


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